March 2019

Though CBD and hemp oils offer a lot of promise for a number of physical conditions, they have also been found to be beneficial for mental conditions too. Here are a few to consider. Stress According to the American Institute of Stress, three out of four Americans (77 percent) report that their stress is elevated to the point where it is creating physical symptoms. Additionally, the top three stressors in the U.S. are: Job pressures (tension with co-workers or bosses, or work overload) Money pressures (unemployment, reduced retirement benefits, high medical expenses) Health pressures (a terminal or chronic issue, or some other type of health crisis) Other common stressors include relationships, a poor diet, too much media, and not enough rest. This often results in them feeling irritable or angry (50 percent), nervous (45 percent), fatigued (45 percent), or ready to cry

CBD Dosage Guidelines The general rule for determining the correct dosage of CBD is that every body is different. An effective dose for one person, based on similar health concerns, weight and concentration of CBD, will not be the same for another person to achieve the desired health benefit. It is recommended to start slow and then gradually increase your dosage over a few days and perhaps a few weeks until you achieve your optimal health outcome. It may be helpful to daily chart your dosage amount and how you feel until you find your personal CBD dosage sweet spot. A little patience and experimentation is needed, as you begin your CBD therapy. It is important to note, some people will see results immediately and for some therapeutic results make take a few weeks. Listed below is a general guideline on the amount, taken